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My name is Tami Hans. Yoga has been a part of my life for nearly two decades, and in 2009, I began to share my passion with young women who were in treatment for eating disorders. Working with these women gave me a profound sense of joy; and unknowingly at the time, was lighting a path to becoming a Registered Yoga Instructor. April (2012), I was laid off from a company that I worked at for 18 years. There was no doubt that the time had come for me to pursue my dream! There is a saying: "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear".


EXPERIENCE – 2009-2015 Yoga Teacher Shoreline Treatment Center Belmont Shore, CA yoga teacher / mindfulness classes Anya Flow - Seal Beach, CA Yoga Level I/II and Yin Yoga Long Beach Memorial Care Corporate employee wellness 2013- present Long Beach Memorial - Todd Cancer Center Bi-weekly classes for cancer patients 2013 - present Executive Fitness Molina Corporate Fitness Program 2012-2016 Belmont Athletic Club Yoga Instructor www.belmontathleticclub.com Yin yoga, flow, meditation/relaxation/ stretch As of Sept. 2019 - I teach mainly private in-home yoga. Single sessions, or shared.



“Working with Tami has profoundly impacted my life. Tami's genuine and peaceful spirit, choice of music, and use of candles creates energy for healing and transformation. I had an extremely hard time being in my body and struggled to quiet my mind. Her physically and mentally challenging classes, along side her soothing voice and guidance back to breath, has taught me to connect my mind, body, and spirit. Taking yoga with Tami is a gift and generates metamorphosis” ~Sara B. Words from the patients: Below is a letter from a cancer survivor - new to yoga and thriving: February 18, 2015 Susan Rich Long Beach Memorial Cancer Survivor Hi Tami, I'm so happy to have an invitation to give feedback. It's all going to be very positive! I completed treatment for breast cancer in June 2008. I think of myself as a survivor who will not face breast cancer again, and I'm under close scrutiny by some of the best physicians in California at Long Beach Memorial. One year ago I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve (a slight protrusion of the disc between the 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae;) now THAT scares me because it might come back and I'd be in constant pain again. All indications are that the scar tissue in my breast had caused a tightening and rolling my shoulder forward; compensating for this caused my rib cage to freeze, my shoulders to be uneven, and I developed a "Dowager's Hump." I lost much of the muscle tone in both arms for lack of use. Massage therapy and Acupuncture have helped resolve the problem and have loosened up the scar tissue and my rib cage. I've never had a yoga lesson before these lessons with you starting about 4-5 weeks ago. Your yoga class has already taught me many ways to improve my posture, improve my balance, stretch my spine, and clear my head. That makes a huge difference to me. According to my Massage therapist (I see her directly following your class) your lesson has improved my level of flexibility, my posture, and my relaxed condition. I enjoy all the aspects of your classes, but for me stretching and strengthening my "core" are the most important. Balancing on one foot remains a challenge but I keep reminding myself of how far I've come and not to expect everything to change all at once. I've changed my diet and I have lost 15 lbs. since October; I continue to want to lose weight and thereby reduce my risk of recurrence. Obesity is linked to breast cancer. Tami, I've sent a letter by e-mail to my primary care physician, my oncologist, and my surgeon telling them that something very special is going on at the Todd Center on Monday mornings, and they should come see it. I've asked them to bring it up at their next meeting with other physicians and administrators. I've also made a point about the need for a larger room or additional sessions so that no patients or survivors would be turned away. Thank you for being my model of good posture and relaxation. See you Monday. Hugs! .............................. lisa guest June 24, 2014 "Tami Hans and her Intula Yin Yoga helped me through a traumatizing break up and agonizing chemotherapy clinical trial. Her voice, her attitude, her knowledge base, her mellow but grounded essence helped me regain my focus, flow, and confidence. She is good with people of all ages. I know. I've felt like I was all ages throughout this process I endured. She was right there, reassuring me I'd be okay, and I was! I've taken lots of yoga on both coasts and she is THE BEST" ................................ Claudia Boyle Long Beach Memorial Cancer Survivor February 18, 2015 "Tami has helped me to be open to touch, learning to be still and letting my mind take a break. The Cancer diagnoses consumed my life. Meeting new people who have been through the journey and now moving forward with others in a exercise class (yoga) that I have never had time for or allowed myself to experience. Tami has such a soothing presence about herself. Voice, touch and ability to recognize someone that needs even just a hug.thank you to you Tami, for being such an important part of my healing and helping me to push through the hard parts of the journey I have taken. You have made a difference in my life" ................... Anna Jorda Long Beach Memorial Cancer Survivor February 18, 2015 "Seven years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment and later a double mastectomy, when I found out I was BRCA2 positive, I thought I would be done. However for me, the stress and worry was still there. Tami's classes have helped me to de stress and focus on my breath which has a wonderfully relaxing effect. I look forward to her soothing voice, smile, and hugs. The aromatherapy and touch increase the enjoyment of the yoga experience" Namaste. .................... Susan Garrison Co-Manager - Women Guiding Women Long Beach Memorial Cancer Survivor December 22, 2014 "I am forwarding a comment from one of our patients who was able to take yoga before her surgery: “I attended the Yoga class prior to my surgery and Tammy was wonderful and so gentle and accepting. With the swirl of crap that was thrown on me daily with my diagnosis, yoga was my one hour of the week that was a vacation; a little oasis. I can’t wait until I heal enough to get back to yoga. It was great.” For a cheerful note, I am forwarding a comment from one of our patients who was able to take yoga before her surgery: “I attended the Yoga class prior to my surgery and Tammy was wonderful and so gentle and accepting. With the swirl of crap that was thrown on me daily with my diagnosis, yoga was my one hour of the week that was a vacation; a little oasis. I can’t wait until I heal enough to get back to yoga. It was great.” "Tami has been my yoga instructor for two years. I have Elizabeth Lucas Cancer Survivor / Private Client February 24, 2015 much better mobility and feel stronger because of her training. When we meet, we enjoy laughter, fitness training and relaxation all in the spirit of friendship! Tami is a wonderful teacher and coach" ...................... Tara Timms Group Exercise Director The Belmont Athletic Club February 19, 2015 "Hi Tami, I know I can never tell you enough, but the feedback I hear from all of your classes is always stellar. I'm so glad you answered your true calling of being a yoga instructor" ...................... Gema Barrios General Manager Molina Healthcare Fitness Program February 26, 2015 "Tami is a wonderful and very knowledgeable instructor. I have taken her classes many times and it is a wonderful experience every time. Being new to Yoga, I found her class as a perfect solution to stretch and relieve stress from everyday work. When I started her class I was having issues due to ergonomics at the desk. Her class helped my tremendously in alleviating the pain, and day to day stress. She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone with the highest regard"


Yoga begins right where we are today. Anyone can come into a class and walk away with something nourishing for mind, body, and spirit.

We all know we need to slow down our minds, and take some time to practice some proven methods to reduce stress - the hardest part is getting to a class and making a commitment to practice. 

Practicing Yoga is like a savings account - you practice to build up reserves of wellness - and during stressful times, those tools are available for you to use!

 Yoga Really Works! If the first thing you think or say about YOGA is: "I'm just not flexible"!!! Change your thinking. Yoga IS NOT about how flexible you are.....Flexibility is a benefit of practicing yoga - but first one Must TRY YOGA!!



E-RYT200 – Yoga Alliance CEP - Registered Continuing education provider RYT-200 - Sivananda Yoga Centre / Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate – Yoga Fit / SilverSneakers - MSROM / Yoga Stretch Current American Heart Association CPR/AED CERTIFICATION SCHOOL: SIVANANDA INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER ______________________________________________ Internationally recognized Teaching Credential - Is a 428 hour credential which greatly exceeds the 200 hour Yoga Alliance requirement. Providing a specialized teaching technique which is profoundly transforming for a passionate Yoga Teacher. The Sivananda School is based on the ancient "Gurukula" Teaching System which integrates a student's daily life into the yoga training. For four intense weeks of ashram living, students strengthen their own yoga practice through self-discipline and awareness of the nature of mind, body and spirit. Through this practice, students develop and build a firm foundation from which to teach others instinctually and confidently.